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  KEN CORSBIE             is

 "Caribbean Voices" 




"The anarchic professional, Ken is a dynamic performer (not reader) of the  oral/aural poetry gems of the Caribbean. His stories, improvisations, stagecraft and humour will leave you thinking" Dr. Michael Gilkes - playwright, poet, theatre director, film maker,  literature professor U. of the West Indies.




"This Mango Sweeet" 


Growing up in Guyana, arriving and living in America. Stories of picking and eating mangoes,  teenage parties, memories of his Trinidadian parents


"Marc  Up"

Caribbean’s oral/aural poems performed by the

legendary Guyana ALL-AH-WE (all of us) team of Marc Matthews, John Agard, Henry Muttoo and Ken



"Walls of Jericho"


Excerpts from Ken's stand-up performances throughout North America.. He makes lighthearted fun of religion, language, cultures, other humorists, age and sex, beauty contests.

"Monkey Liver Soup"

Two popular Caribbean folktales characters - crafty Compere Monkey and trickster Anansi Spider. Two literary tales written by award winning Guyanese poets Marc Matthews and John Agard.


"Small Days" - Marc Matthews.

Poet, actor, writer, storyteller. His adventurous smallboy adventure tales are almost Guyanese "folklore". No one tells story like Marc. 


Hugh Sam - (Guyana)

Musician, composer, pianist.
Ten CDs of his extraordinary variety of styles and themes - Caribbean folk, pop, classical, broadway.

Link to brief audio introductory moments from these five CDs. From an outdated website.... 



                                    Links to three of Ken's youtube videos

                     Four more Caribbean poems -    

        "Four ways to eat a mango" -
        "Monkey Liver Soup" Folktale 

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