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 "I'm a full blooded West Indian Stereotype - half Chinese, half Scottish, half African, half Amerindian, half Welch"

* Storyteller 

     -Personal life experiences

* Performer of Caribbean Poetry

* Story/Poetry performance


* Stand-up
      * Dramatist


Originally from Guyana, Ken is an iconic multiple awards winning figure throughout the English speaking Caribbean and its North American diaspora, as dramatist, storyteller, radio producer/announcer, actor, journalist, television presenter, humorist. His work is influenced by his Caribbean experiences and his living in Amerca for the past twenty years.
Ken has also performed widely in America and Canada - in theatres, schools, cafes, festivals, universities, libraries.  He is a recipient of ten awards.


                   A joie de vivre infuses Ken’s tales of the West Indies, his personal, literary and traditional stories, his standup, singing and dancing.”                         Robin Bady - Storytelling Center of NY City.


                                                                  Ken lives with his wife in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

                                                                                 -  919-240-7413    
                                                          Link to Ken's 50 youtube videos 












    "Caribbean Voices"

"Ken Corsbie’s name is synonymous with Caribbean theatre and spoken word  artistry. Very few regional performers can match his technique, wit, range of styles and themes"
     Henry Muttoo – Artistic Director, Cayman Islands Cultural Foundation.

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